Storyboard toolkit for Wordpress

Jorge Verdugo
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This plugin and theme for Wordpress is intended to work as online software for your rough storyboard, on the style of storyboard-wall from Disney and Pixar studios . where you can move and remove panels to create story.

Required basic knowledge of Wordpress.

-Drag, move and delete story-panels 
-add dialogue or notes to individual panels
-add markers
-change duration of each panel
-save and duplicate your storyboards (extra plugin)
-animatic preview
-print with different layouts 4, 6,.. 20 thumbnails per page (printing profile)
-export pdf with different layouts 4, 6,.. 20 thumbnails per page using different scaling (printing profile)
-allows analog workflow
-depending of the zoom in the browser you can visualize the whole story

Analog Workflow
-draw panels in post-it paper or normal paper
-take photos of each panel with your phone
on the backend of your wordpress
-upload the image of each panel using mobile chrome
-reorder the panels
-press update
preview on the frontend

Tested and working on

Mac, PC, Iphone and Ipad.

Safari, Chrome.

I want this!

Storyboard toolkit for Wordpress

0 ratings
I want this!